Operable Louvers

Operable Mechanical Louvers are available in several blade styles in both 4 and 6".  Blade seals and jam seals are popular to reduce air leakage in the closed mode. Operators include Blade Arm, Chain Operator, Actuators, and Hand Cranks. All sizes of louvers are available, some larger sizes require multiple operators.  All of our normal Louver options are available: Flange or Channel Frame, various bird and insect screens, along with multiple finish options including 20 year Kynar and Anodizing.

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 There are many blade options for operable louvers; Drainable, Storm Proof, Z Blade, Steel, Combination louvers, (where the outside looks like a regular louver and only the back side opens and closes).  Below are some of the options.

Click here for a sample Submittal for the Louvers.

Click here to see some of the Operators.


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